What are the friendliest chicken breeds?

That is such a great question. I remember being on my grandpas farm when I was very young, getting chased by turkeys all the way from the chicken coop to the front door of his house! I know; turkeys are not chickens. Still, when we started talking about having a backyard farm and getting chickens, being chased by giant farm birds immediately flashed through my mind.

I wanted a friendly flock.

We all know how smart and curious our chicken friends are. But what are the friendliest breeds?

Genetics, breed purpose and traits, even feather colors play important roles when we talk about friendly disposition of our feathered friends.

If you, like me, are looking for some true yard besties; I have a list of some of the friendliest breeds to share with you!

Silkies-great with kids

Speckled Sussex-love attention

Buff Orpington-laid back



Of course, there are other friendly breeds you can add to your flock. Let them hear your voice, and cuddle often!

Rachel Hutchins
Rachel Hutchins
The Chicken Bawks Copyeditor. Believer. Seeker. Mom. Wife. New Grandma! Crazy Kansas City Chiefs Fan. And of course, Chicken Tender.

March 27, 2023

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