The Epic Guide To Chicken Keeping

Epic Gardening is a fantastic youtube channel that covers all kinds of gardening related topics. And now the host has an epic raising chickens video! The video is great for beginners in particular, but also for those of us that don’t have the luxury of spending hours a day in the garden.

This video dispels myths, corrects misconceptions, and even talks about the often overlooked financial aspect. 

A few myths he tackles are:

      • you’ll always have a nasty yard

      • you don’t need a rooster to get eggs

      • they are always loud

      • they take a ton of work

    He also goes on to talk about things like:

        • keeping eggs properly

        • regulations for chickens

        • space requirements

        • coops

        • broody hens

        • care

        • and more!

      The host also dives in to chicken math and mentions the egg shortage that’s still a thing for many people, and may be for some time. 

      Overall, it’s a great listen and a strong informational video. I sincerely hope it gives you some things to think about from someone who is clearly living the life of a true chicken tender!

      Jared Latigo
      Jared Latigo
      Owner of The Chicken Bawks. Dedicated to getting you the best information on all things chickens!

      April 3, 2023

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