Daylight saving time has quite the history you might find interesting

I realize that by the time you read this, daylight saving time will have come and gone. But let’s face the facts that it doesn’t really end in a day.

Our bodies just aren’t setup to take a time change and roll with it. For many of us, it’s weeks or months that we have to get used to the change. And that involves a lot of oversleeping, being irritated and talking about it several times until we finally accept it, irritated or not.

Of course, not everyone cares. But what’s most interesting about it is really the long history that is anything but boring.

And while it’s been on the chopping block in the last year or so, it’s been there several times before. So just so you know, if it irritates you, we’re not the first generation to have to deal with it…and may not be the last.

Jared Latigo
Jared Latigo
Owner of The Chicken Bawks. Dedicated to getting you the best information on all things chickens!

March 15, 2023

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