Cracking the Mystery: 9 Reasons Why Your Hens Stop Laying Eggs

If you’ve noticed a decrease in egg production from your hens, there’s usually a reason. It can be frustrating to not get the eggs you were expecting, but don’t worry, there’s most likely a fix or at least an answer. Here’s some common reasons.

First up, age plays a big factor. As hens get older, they naturally lay fewer eggs. Other factors that can impact egg production include nutrition, lighting, temperature, and stress. Speaking of stress, if your hens are not feeling safe and comfortable in their environment, they may stop laying eggs as well.

Another reason could be due to molting, which is when hens shed their feathers and regrow them, causing a temporary pause in egg-laying. Additionally, certain illnesses and parasites can also affect egg production.

So, make sure your hens are healthy, happy, and comfortable in their environment to maximize egg production. Keep an eye on their age, nutrition, lighting, and stress levels, and you’ll be back to collecting eggs in no time!

Jared Latigo
Jared Latigo
Owner of The Chicken Bawks. Dedicated to getting you the best information on all things chickens!

March 11, 2023

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