Chicken Funnies from Around The Web!

Funny chicken facts

Listen, being a good chicken tender takes work. Coop maintenance, tending to the flock daily, and keeping your feathered besties healthy- take time and effort. It might be enjoyable, but it’s work nonetheless.

So today I bring you a work break. Chicken jokes from around the web!

  1. What do chickens grow on? Eggplants.
  2. What sound does a negative rooster make? Cock a doodle don’t
  3. Which US state do chickens avoid? Kentucky.
  4. Why did the rooster never come home to his hen? He was free range.
  5. What do young chickens like to watch? Chick flicks
  6. Why did the man order a chicken and an egg off Amazon? To see which came first.
  7. Why did Mozart hate chickens? All they say is “Bach, Bach, Bach!”
  8. What do you call a chicken crossing the road? Poultry in motion.
  9. What do you call a great chicken? Im-peck-able!
  10. What does an evil hen lay? Deviled eggs!

Don’t be surprised with another “work break” post down the road. Chicken funnies are cute! Plus, they give Dad jokes a run for the money…amiright?

Share the love and laughter of chickens!

Rachel Hutchins
Rachel Hutchins
The Chicken Bawks Copyeditor. Believer. Seeker. Mom. Wife. New Grandma! Crazy Kansas City Chiefs Fan. And of course, Chicken Tender.

May 15, 2023

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